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For Black Car Service Miami the health and safety of our clients is always our TOP PRIORITY.  During this outbreak it`s important that we give you as much information as possible about the steps we follow to clean and maintain a sanitary environment in all our vehicles before, during and after each ride.

  • Vehicles will be disinfected after each trip: Wipe down the seats, in/out door handles, armrest, head rest, vents, seat-belts and windows.

  • Chauffeurs are instructed to not shake hands.

  • Vehicle`s A/C interior airflow will not be set to recycle.

  • In vehicle hand sanitizer if available.

  • Any chauffeur or company`s employee reporting any symptoms of illness will be automatically removed from duties and instructed to seek medical care.

  • Face mask are mandatory for all our chauffeurs and advise for all our passengers.

  • Passengers will not be allowed to use the front seat of any of our vehicles.

  • If requested for safety reasons all printed and reading materials, bottle of water and all other amenities shared between passengers will be removed from our vehicles.


 We thank you for your cooperation in following these safety measures.

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