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By making a reservation with us, you are entering into a contract and agree to adhere to our terms and conditions as outlined below.

Reservation Confirmation:

  • Credit Card Requirement: A valid credit card is necessary to secure your booking

  • Confirmation Process: We will send a confirmation email upon successful reservation, subject to vehicle availability. This email is your official reservation confirmation.

  • Authority to Confirm: Only our office staff is authorized to make and confirm reservations. Chauffeurs are not permitted to make or confirm bookings, and any verbal confirmations are not recognized.

  • Booking Timeline: We recommend reserving your service at least 48 hours in advance. While we accommodate last-minute bookings, when possible, they are contingent on vehicle availability.

  • Accuracy of Information: it is the client`s responsibility to ensure that all details provided during the reservation process are accurate and complete. This includes, but is not limited to, personal information, pick-up and drop-off locations, dates, times, and any special requests or accommodations.
    Please review your reservation confirmation carefully upon receipt. If you notice any discrepancies or errors, contact us immediately so we can make the necessary corrections. Failure to verify the details may result in service delays or complications, for which we cannot be held responsible. 


Pricing and Rates:

Black Car Service Miami reserves the right to adjust service rates at any time without prior notice. These changes reflect market conditions, operational costs, and other business factors.

Please be aware that rate changes may occur up until the moment your booking is confirmed. Once your reservation is confirmed via email, the rate quoted at that time will be honored for your scheduled service.

  • Rate Variability: Rates are based on availability and may change prior to reservation confirmation. Once confirmed, your rate is guaranteed.

  • Duration-Based Services: Services extending beyond two hours will be converted to an hourly charter, with notification provided by our Dispatch team.

  • Long-Distance Services: Additional charges for garage time apply to all long-distance bookings including hourly services.


Event Transportation:

  • Hourly Service: Transportation to concerts and sports venues is provided on an hourly basis only. We do not offer one-way transfers for these events.

  • Parking Fees: Passengers are responsible for any parking fees incurred at event venues.


Waiting Time Policy:

  • Flight Tracking: We monitor flight arrivals and dispatch vehicles accordingly or a the pickup time requested by the client.

  • Billing for Delays: If waiting exceeds 15 minutes for local addresses, 30 minutes for domestic flights, private FBOs and Cruise Port terminals or 60 minutes for international flights, you will be charged waiting time.

  • Additional Waiting Charges: Beyond the grace period, additional charges per minute are as follows:

    • Standard Luxury Sedan/SUV: $1.5

    • Premium Sedan/SUV: $2

    • Sprinter Van: $3

  • Extended Waiting: After 1.5 hours of waiting, the service will be billed as an hourly charter from the scheduled time.

  • Driver Location: If you cannot locate your driver, please call us at +1-786-647-6420 to avoid a No-Show fee.

  • Stop Fees: Additional stop charges are:

  • Standard Luxury Sedan/SUV: $25 (under 10 minutes, max 2 stops per transfer and must on route to final drop-off location)

  • Premium Sedan, Sprinter Van, SUV: $45 (under 10 minutes, max 2 stops per transfer)

  • Stops over 20 minutes will be billed as an additional hour at the vehicle selected hourly rate.


Payment Terms:

  • Credit Card Authorization: Your credit card will be authorized upon reservation. Insufficient funds will result in cancellation.

  • Secure Processing: We utilize a secure credit card gateway for payment processing. Charges may temporarily appear as Stripe on your statement.


Cleaning and Damage Policy:

  • Excess Cleaning Fee: Additional fees starting at $250 will be charged for extensive cleaning required due to passenger actions.

  • Damage Liability: Clients and passengers are responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by themselves or their passengers.


Property Liability:

  • Transported Items: Black Car Service Miami is not responsible for the handling or maintenance of any personal property transported during the service.


Cancellation Policy:

  • Standard Vehicles: Cancellations for standard sedans and SUVs must be made via email at least 4 hours before the scheduled pickup.

  • Long-Distance Trips: For trips over 40 miles from Miami International Airport/Fort Lauderdale International Airport or any local address, a 24-hour email cancellation notice is required.

  • Premium Vehicles: Cancellations for premium SUVs, premium sedans, and Sprinter Vans require a 48-hour email notice.

  • Hourly Charters: Hourly charter reservations require a 48-hour cancellation notice.

  • Cancellation Email: Please send your cancellation request to to avoid being charged the full rate of the scheduled trip.


Alcohol and Smoking Policy:

  • Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in our vehicles. The service will be terminated without a refund if alcohol consumption is detected.

  • Illegal Substances: If passengers are found carrying or using illegal substances, we reserve the right to cancel the service and involve local law enforcement.


Car Seat Policy:

  • Responsibility: Black Car Service Miami assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage suffered by the user.

  • Installation: Customers must install any car seats provided by Black Car Service Miami. Our chauffeurs are not authorized or certified to install car seats.


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